Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Who's Who in It's a Dog's Life

My comedic paranormal, It's a Dog's Life,  for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is about to begin. November 1st I can pen the first words of what I think is going to be a fun book to write. Who is in this opus and what are their relationships? I turn to astrology to help identify character traits and who gets along with whom.

Kathleen (Kitty) Stanley is a somewhat overweight, 5’7” early-40’s woman with fine and straight dark brown hair she mostly wears in a ponytail or with a headband. She writes household how-to books and simple cookbooks. They are moderately successful books, providing income for family treats and trips, but not for living expenses.

Her passions are cooking, reading, and she is an avid word puzzle and word game addict. She is a coffee and chocolate addict. She hates cleaning, which is how her first book, The Phony Housekeeper, came about. She has always volunteered at her kids’ schools and can be counted on for last minute details for the PTA and other groups she is in.

Maudie, the family dog, came to them several months ago as a favor for a friend who couldn’t keep up with a younger dog. Kitty likes Maudie, but sees her more as a responsibility than as a companion. She foists most of the love-time off on her two kids. She does the feeding, walking, cleaning up after despite her threats to the family to stop and let them pick up the slack.

Aquarius Life Pursuit: To understand life's mysteries
Aquarian's Secret Desire: To be unique and original
Strengths: friendly and humanitarian; honest and loyal; original and inventive;
independent and intellectual
Limitations: intractable and contrary; perverse and unpredictable; unemotional
and detached
The Sun signs are trine (Libra and Aquarius). The individual emotional dispositions are similar enough to understand, and different enough to be exciting

Maudie is a yellow lab with dark brown velvety pools for eyes. The family threatened to change her name to Velcro because she is always in whatever room Kitty is in if that is possible. There is no happier dog in the world than Maudie. A middle-of-the-pack dog, Maudie is confident and curious. It is impossible to hurt her feelings because she can’t believe anyone could stay mad at her for long. She lives to eat, and she will eat anything. A strong dog, only Kitty and husband, Robb, are able to handle her on walks.

Cancer Life Pursuit: Constant reassurance and intimacy
Cancer's Secret Desire: To feel safe (emotionally, spiritually, romantically and
Strengths: emotional and loving; intuitive and imaginative; shrewd and cautious;
protective and sympathetic
Limitations: changeable and moody; overemotional and touchy; clinging and
unable to let go

Robb is a genial guy the same age as Kitty. He is 5’11, hazel eyes, thinning black hair with the beginnings of gray. He enjoys sports and being with his wife and kids. He’s present in their lives, but he defers in many matters to Kitty’s judgment. A typical Libra, he doesn’t like conflict or chaos. He likes things to go smoothly. He is heart-broken to have lost his wife, and he is oblivious to the moves the casserole ladies put on him. He is an architect who designs energy-efficient, green, low-footprint buildings for socially-conscious corporations.

Libra Life Pursuit: To be consistent
Libran's Secret Desire: To live an easy, uncomplicated life.
Strengths: diplomatic and urbane; romantic and charming; easygoing and
Sociable; idealistic and peaceable
Limitations: indecisive and changeable; gullible and easily influenced; flirtatious
and self-indulgent.

Libra with Aquarius:
Both of you are very social, active people. You are involved in community groups, and your line of work probably brings you into contact with lots of people. You harmonize well with each other and are great friends.

AQUARIUS is very attached to clubs, social groups, and colleagues. LIBRA may feel that AQUARIUS needs friends more than a marriage partner or lover. In fact, LIBRA devotes much more attention to any close partnership. This difference in orientation is fairly subtle, however, and may not be a source of difficulty or conflict. You both tend to live in your minds, and enjoy a partner who is awake and alive mentally - an intellectual peer. Fortunately, you have this in one another.

Libra wth Gemini
You have an excellent mental rapport, and you enjoy one another's intelligence, wit, and style. Both of you are very social creatures who thrive on interaction with people, cultural activities and conversation. Your match is likely to be a very egalitarian one, for you both want a partner who is an equal and a friend above all else.

LIBRA is very considerate, has a strong desire to please GEMINI (or any partner) and will compromise readily; LIBRA always sees numerous possibilities or desirable alternatives, and you both have trouble being decisive or making up your minds sometimes.

Paige, a senior in high school, is a typical self-absorbed teen with her first serious boyfriend. She is on track to get academic scholarships. 

Brian, an 8th grader, has done well-enough in school, but he is easily distracted and doesn’t apply himself as he could.

Eve, Brian’s science teacher, encourages his interest in science and worries about his work ethic. She meets Robb and family at a coffee shop and Robb is intrigued by her. They begin to date, cautiously. She is bright, caring, and an intellectual match for Robb. The kids are not so crazy about her entering their lives, but for different reasons. Paige resents another woman trying to take Mom’s place. Brian thinks it’s weird to have your teacher date your dad. Kitty/Maudie ignore then antagonize Eve before finally accepting her. She is slender (which Kitty hates), eats healthful foods (which Kitty likes), is athletic, and has short brown hair in a bob. She dresses in very casual, informal clothing. She is divorced from her husband, no kids.

Gemini’s Life Pursuit: To explore a little bit of everything.
Gemini's Secret Desire: To be ahead of the crowd
Strengths: adaptable and versatile; communicative and witty; intellectual and
eloquent; youthful and lively
Limitations: nervous and tense; superficial and inconsistent; cunning and

Those personalities ought to allow for some interesting conflicts and collusions!

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