Saturday, March 30, 2013

Gosh, Has It Been THAT Long?

I, too, was shocked at how long it has been since my last trip here. Well, in my defense, I have had some rather exciting things going on. FYI, I am a NaNoWriMo winner! Yay. That means I wrote at least 50K words in 30 days. It doesn't mean its good. LOL

But it has potential. It is a ghost story with romance and intrigue. I'm workshopping it now with my critique group and hope to publish it next year. Watch for The Quick and the Dedd.

So first some news, some info, and then an announcement.

Since we last met, I received a contract for the first book in my erotic romance trilogy. Yay! Yes, my first novel will be coming out this spring. I am so thrilled that Sizzler Editions (an imprint of Renaissance E Books) and its editor, Sascha Illyvich is giving me this chance. They are interested in the trilogy, so I should have more books contracted with them. [Must keep writing. Must keep writing.]

Watch for Streetwalker, the story of a prostitute who hates sex but loves the money sex generates and knows the power of her own sexuality used for her own goals. It's a multicultural romance featuring a male madam of a high-end brothel in the Big Apple.

Other news: Mission Impastable, the first book in my culinary mystery series ("Dinner is Served") is also on track for publication. I haven't signed the contract yet (with a different small press), but it's coming, so I'll just say: stay tuned for more on that front. If you like a cookbook in your mysteries, I'm your author! They, too, like the series idea, so I could have a long career with them as well.

I have another pen name. I use Sharon Arthur Moore for culinary mysteries and women's fiction; I write erotic and other romance under the name Angelica French. Now that I have finished my first paranormal and plan many more paranormals/fantasy/sci fi, I will use the name River Glynn.

Next time I show up here, I'll start my series on writing a business plan for overall functioning of your writing career, and I'll share elements from my marketing plan for each book. C'mon back and see me sometime, why don't you?