Wednesday, October 9, 2013

And We Have a Winner!

Voting is over and the count is in from both this blog and from FB postings. OVERWHELMINGLY, I mean by a LOT, It’s a Dog’s Life is my NaNoWriMo novel to write in 30 days.

Am I nuts? Of course, I am. What does that have to do with anything???

The title of my newest book came to me in a flash when I thought of the plot line. It is a double entendre, which I love. Not only is the title an expression often used to indicate an easy life, but in this story line, a walk-in takes over the dog’s body and life to save her own soul from perishing.

And it’s a comedy. Seriously.

I was disappointed that my FanFic option (Wayward Pines tie in) didn’t get a single vote. Sigh!

And the historical fiction about a Virginia Dare/Pocohantas connection garnered only half the votes of It’s a Dog’s Life. Sigh, again. You people! But isn’t this fun for you to be part of what is certain to be a blockbuster, breakout seller? Yeah. Right.

Below is the synopsis for It’s a Dog’s Life. Please comment if you think I should take the story in a particular direction. I’m still planning it, so I appreciate your help.

I will post here planning pieces such as plot points, character sketches, etc. as I did last year for your NaNoWriMo pick, The Quick and the Dedd.

Brief Synopsis:
It’s a Dog’s Life is a paranormal comedy. While walking her dog, Maudie, Kathleen Stanely has an accident. Both she and the dog are seriously hurt, and she dies. Not at all pleased she has been pronounced dead, she desperately looks around for a body she can grab that will keep her close to her husband, daughter, and son. Her spirit becomes a “walk-in” [walk-ins are an aspect of paranormal phenomena] trying to replace Maudie’s spirit in its dog body. She attempts to boot the dog’s spirit out, in effect, so she can inhabit a body and not be totally, absolutely dead.

Her family is unaware of the switch, of course, and hilarity ensues as she tries to let them know Mom is still with them. Other comic bits are when she and Maudie argue over joint control of the body. She monitors family food choices and other activities she used to be in charge of. She also devises ways to change up Maudie’s kibble diet to more palatable food. The family notice Maudie is more proactive and start to call her Mom. But things get really “hairy”, so to speak, when Dad begins to date again.

Any ideas/situations/changes you think I should make?


  1. This book sounds so great. I never got around to voting for your NaNo project, but I would have definitely chosen this one. So much material for such cute, funny, and touching happenings. Cannot WAIT to read the final product!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Brea. This will push me--never done first person, never done comedic. Gulp! I've identified my 10 key scenes and worked last night on scene development for about 25 scenes. I'll be good to go come Nov. 1.

  2. Well, I did choose the Virginia Dare/Pocahontas story, but fair is fair! Looking forward to seeing what your talented self can do with this one, Sharon!

    1. I know, Martha, but I will get to this story. I have so many ideas (and SO much research to do). But I am convinced this will be an interesting book with a premise that is new. Thanks for taking part!

  3. So glad you chose this one. Rooting for you all the way!

    1. Thanks so much for your encouragement, Francine. It means so much to me. I am eager to finish the planning so I can hit the ground running on Nov. 1.