Monday, June 2, 2014

Moving On

Some of you may know that I write three blogs and have three twitter accounts. Nuts, right? If not, blogs include, besides this site, and You can find me on Facebook, of course, and on Twitter @good2tweat, @romancerighter, and @riverglynn. Hope to connect with you at one or more of these sites.

Why so many blogs and Twitter accounts? For me, writing in so many genres, it seemed necessary to keep the disparate sections for my writing life loosely integrated.

Recently a position opened up at Write On Sisters ( for a Tuesday blogger. I applied and am very grateful to Robin Rivera, Heather Jackson, and Caryn McGill for taking me on for that slot. I have wanted to be part of a group of bloggers for some time, so this fits with my goals perfectly.

If you don't know of this high-quality site, please check it out. Smart women writing about interesting stuff. It was a favorite blog of mine even before I had the chance to join.

But that means this blog will be mostly inactive. I may occasionally post here or even cross-post from another blog, but I will not regularly check in.

I appreciate my loyal followers and others who popped in occasionally to comment on articles I posted. Your support, questions, and interest kept me going.

I hope you will check out my posts and those of my fellow Sisters at  It's an active and engaging place to hang out.

Au revoir!