Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Getting Down to Business--Part II

When I developed my business plan for Writer’s Ink, I modified a template from the three excellent blog posts by Denise Grover Swank (www.thewritersguidetopublishing) Since she is an indie author, not all she said/wrote/did fit me, but the basic guidelines still held. Thank you, Denise!

This series is going to share parts of what I put together in my nascent plan. One thing I know about business plans is they need to be nimble so you can adjust as the market changes. I know that at the end of the year 2013, I will find I exceeded some goals, met others, and some just plain didn’t happen. That’s okay; I’m still learning how to do this. And maybe you are, too.

What’s written in these posts are not meant to be business advice. Goodness knows I am not qualified to do that. But the posts are an honest sharing of where I am now in my career and where I see myself going.

2013 Business Plan for Writer’s Ink

[This is all the first page says. The second page lists the table of contents for the plan. Pages 3 and beyond are the business plan specifics.]

2013 Business Plan for Writer’s Ink, LLC

[UNDER CONSTRUCTION--not yet filed]

Table of Contents

1. Description of Writer’s Ink
2. Ownership of Writer’s Ink and Location of Business
3. Products
4. Pricing Strategy
5. Financial Plan
6. Production Schedule and Writing Plans
7. Targeted Audiences
8. Marketing and Promoting Plan
9. Web Plan
10. Long-Term Goals
11. Summary
1. Description of Writer’s Ink
[In this section, I conceptualized my business components and a general statement of financial considerations.]

The purpose of Writer’s Ink is to spearhead the publishing and merchandising of the written creations of Sharon Arthur Moore, Angelica French, and River Glynn. Most creations are novels although some will include novellas, short stories, and plays. Genres at this time include culinary mysteries, erotic romance, paranormal, paranormal romance, historical fiction, women’s fiction, and plays. All or most creations will be available to the public for sale via e-books and print for novels.

The creations may include a mix of traditionally published and indie published books as Sharon Arthur Moore’s oeuvre includes books that may not be of interest to traditional publishers.

As of January 1st, 2014, Writer’s Ink will provide Sharon Arthur Moore with minimum income of $200 per month, which will be increased when finances are available. All remaining funds will be left in a bank account until further action is deemed necessary. Sharon Arthur Moore may only take funds that are not allocated for future expenses for the year.

2. Ownership of Writer’s Ink and Location of Business

[This is pretty straightforward anticipation of the current status and future needs of Writer’s Ink.]

Writer’s Ink is a limited liability company, (LLC paperwork in process) operated and managed by Sharon Arthur Moore. Writer’s Ink currently has no employees. Consultants such as accountants and attorneys may be hired to offer professional expertise and services. Other professionals will be used to aid the preparation of the creative works of Sharon Arthur Moore, Angelica French, and River Glynn to be made available for sale through various outlets. Such professionals may include but are not limited to: Virtual Assistant, cover designers, developmental editors, copy editors, proof readers, and book formatters.

Writer’s Ink may need to contract professionals or agents to handle foreign rights or movie right sales or any other rights outside of the realm of expertise for Writer’s Ink. This option will be pursued if the need arises.

Writer’s Ink will be run and operated in designated offices on the residential premises of Sharon Arthur Moore. Writer’s Ink will provide Sharon Arthur Moore with a desk and laptop computer and a printer. Additional software and equipment will be provided if finances are sufficient and a need has been demonstrated.

This plan will be revised yearly to reflect changes in finances, production, new products, or direction.

3. Products
[Again, in this section I looked at what was already written and plans for future products. Notice I anticipated that down the line, I might be selling more than books.]

Products Offered by Writer’s Ink
Novels are offered in several eBook formats and print books. It is anticipated that more than 75% of all books sold are digital. Planned to offer for sale on the website: audiobooks, cooking gadgets, recipe cards, sex toys, lingerie, t-shirts, apron, food mixes via Wild Cinnamon

Currently available from Writer’s Ink:
Streetwalker, Angelica French (book one in the “Sex Sells” series) – Sizzler
Editions, an imprint of Renaissance E-Books, released xxx, 2013
Mission Impastable, Sharon Arthur Moore (book one in the “Dinner is Served”
series) -- Oak Tree Press, released xxx, 2013
“Scarlett in the Hood”, Angelica French (novella; one of a trilogy in an erotic
romance anthology) -- Sizzler Editions, an imprint of Renaissance E-Books, released xxx, 2013

Possible for 2014:
Prime Rib and Punishment, Sharon Arthur Moore (book 2 in the “Dinner is
Served” series) for Oak Tree Press
Sex for Sale, Angelica French (book 2 in the “Sex Sells” series) for Sizzler Editions
The Quick and the Dedd, River Glynn (a paranormal romance pitched to Oak
Tree Press)
Walk-in to My Life, River Glynn (a paranormal romance pitched to Oak Tree
Lucinda, Angelica French (historical fiction romance need to pitch to Oak Tree

Possible Sales 2015 and beyond:
Peas Porridge Pot, Sharon Arthur Moore (book 3 in the “Dinner is Served”
series); Oak Tree Press
Cooks in the Can, Sharon Arthur Moore (book 4 in the “Dinner is Served”
series), Oak Tree Press
Sex Sells, Angelica French, (book 3 in the “Sex Sells” series); Sizzler Editions
Land’s End, Sharon Arthur Moore (anthology of beach short stories)
Time Keeps on Slippin’ into the Future, Sharon Arthur Moore (women’s fiction
about familial relationships)
Intermediate Grades books building on the Ghost Club from my childhood
Paranormal romance, River Glynn, with djinn in Wales
Time travel/historical fiction; era unknown
Voynich Document novel tying in aliens, ancient civilizations, unbroken code

4. Pricing Strategy
[My current reality is that I have nothing to do with pricing, but I have read a good bit on pricing strategies so that if/when I go the indie-publishing route, I will use the described strategy. I am all about keeping my options open.]


At the beginning of January, 2013, Sharon Arthur Moore was an unknown debut author without publishing-house backing. With two traditional publishing contracts, the publishers set e-book and print prices. If and when Sharon Arthur Moore/Angelica French/River Glynn self-publishes, she will follow a pricing strategy based on analysis by Kindle books sold. Books priced in the $3-5 range generated the most sales. Books under $1 and books $5-10 generated equal numbers of sales, with the return to the author higher on the higher priced books. The strategy for Writer’s Ink is to provide prequels for the two series in two different genres at $0.99 to establish the authors, generate positive reviews, and prove to readers that Sharon Arthur Moore, Angelica French, and River Glynn provide entertaining, well-written stories. For self-published books, a price of $2.99 to $3.99, dependent of book length, will be listed.

Turbulence in the rapidly changing eBook world should also be taken into consideration. Pricing may be subject to change based on sales, current pricing trends and need to create upward movement in Amazon rankings. Books may be discounted or offered for free if it fits with marketing strategy and promotion.

Digital prices of current products (set by publisher):
Streetwalker, ???
“Scarlett in the Hood”, ???
Mission Impastable, ???

Proposed pricing for 2014
For indie books: $2.99 or $3.99 with prequels for a new series offered at $.99; adjust as needed by looking at the market prices for indie book

All indie-published print books will be created through Createspace unless it is determined another source is better. Pricing on print books is largely based on the number of pages in the book. Pricing is also dependant on making print books available for a wider distribution than just Amazon. Since a wider distribution is used, books must be priced so that the other outlets will be offered wholesale pricing.

That’s all for today’s post, but I will continue marching through my business plan and sharing what I using as my guidepost to successful publishing. Come on back and check me out next week.


  1. Interesting, but how do you plan to market these books?

    1. Ah, that is in my marketing plan, Marilyn. I have one for each book. I am scheduled on a bunch of blogs, I belong to quite a number of affinity groups on FB (like cooking groups)I can announce to, and I have a list of people who have offered to review my books. I am feeling comfortable with marketing but kind of overwhelmed since both books are coming out close to one another. I will be inviting you to my virtual book launch, but the real-time book launch happens at a cooking store for Mission Impastable. We should all share our marketing strategies. I know I have a lot to learn from you veterans.

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  3. Sharon, I love this! Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Come back for the next two parts, Isabella. I am excited that I have come so far and learned so much! Now to do it!