Thursday, February 10, 2011

Book Marketing 101—Part II

Remember WANA from Kristen Lamb’s book on social media marketing? We Are Not Alone. Together we can figure out how to market our books and build readership. On February 8, 2011, I published the first half of what were, to me, the best of the sites for building platform and book promotion. Here is Part II of the sites I scoured the Internet for.

“14 Platform-Building Tips” by Daniel Decker

Decker assures us that a platform is a structure consisting of many planks, not just a single big board. He provides 14 ways to build your platform solidly. Some familiar, some not so much so. A specific and concise read.


“Author Website Design” by Morris Rosenthal (an excerpt from his book, Internet Book Marketing)

Rosenthal thinks we have been given a lot of bum advice, and that neither authors nor those in the business end of publishing have got it right about what a website needs to have and do. He is really encouraging about what we can do our our chances of being successful. And he ought to know. His site gets ~8K unique hits daily.


“Learn How to Promote and Market Books Online” (an excerpt from his book, Internet Book Marketing)

Same guy, Morris Rosenthal, talks about some issues around on-line book sales such as don’t give it away for free (take those sample chapters down) and the value of making it easy to pay for books ordered. A short, but practical and specific article.


Blog vs Website for Draft Manuscript by Morris Rosenthal (an excerpt from his book, Internet Book Marketing)

Contrarian Rosenthal is back again exhorting us not to write stand alone blogs if we even do blogs at all as part of our marketing plan. We waste time doing this that could be spent elsewhere with a bigger pay off. But if you blog, he gives some suggestions that might be helpful to implement.


“Writers Create a Marketing Platform” by Rebecca Sebek

Some old stuff in this short article (do book signings at your local book store), but Sebek also suggests ideas I haven’t come across before. She says you should conduct a 60-90 minute webinar information session related to your book and create your own BlogTalk Radio show.


“R.I.P. Twitter as a Marketing Platform” by Dan Schawbel

A really, really different take on Twitter. He makes the argument it is no longer an effective marketing tool for sales. Rather it is best used for brand awareness. Whether you agree or disagree, his stats and his take on the evidence is unique.


“Creating an Elevator Pitch for Your Author Platform” by Tony Eldridge

Just as you have your elevator pitch for your book, Eldridge argues you should be able to present your author platform similarly. An intriguing little article.


We are on this journey together. I will continue to provide resources. Please share what you are trying as well. WANA!

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