Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Naughty and Nice

The reaction I get from men and women when I admit that I write “naughty” as well as “nice” books is very interesting to one who studies human nature.

Some women kind of titter and express more interest in my “nice” novels. Some women, but more likely men, are quite curious. Let’s just say I have had more offers to read and give me feedback on the “naughty” ones than the “nice” ones. Isn’t that funny?

What is it about the prurient that brings out our darker side? Not that I am being critical. After all, I’m the one who started the conversation by writing erotica in the first place and then telling about it to whoever will listen. And, I am hopeful that a whole bunch of dark-side people will buy my book when it’s published.

Still, the reaction I get at birthday parties, neighborhood barbecues, and dinner table conversations is interesting. Nice normal middle-class venues with lots of people interested in sex.

Recently I got a “good rejection” from an agent even though she said my “sex scenes were well-done (very!).” I shared that at a recent birthday party. Peoples’ ears perked up when they heard that. And two men volunteered to help me figure out why it was rejected.

The other reaction I get is that I must have walked in the shoes of a character who has hot and regular sex. Not necessarily. I am a novelist, after all. I have a vivid imagination. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

In a recent meeting with an editor, she asked where the story of my prostitute in Streetwalker came from. I honestly don’t know, and I told her that. It was as if I were channeling Carrie. I told the editor that to my knowledge, I don’t even know any prostitutes, though one never knows for sure, does one?

But they are interesting human beings, aren’t they? They choose (or are forced into) a life where their bodies are their currency. Why do people choose that life? How does one get forced into a sexual life? What are their struggles with the morality of that lifestyle, or if no struggles, why not? That is the stuff of many novels already written and yet to come.

Because the sex drive is so elemental, so human, it makes sense we would want to read about the variety of sexual experiences possible. Vicarious living is a lot safer than the reality in these days of deadly sexually-transmitted diseases.

So I will continue to write “naughty” and “nice”. We’ll see which of my books hits the bookstores first!

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